Why Your Business Needs Office 365 Backups

Why Your Business Needs Office 365 Backups

Microsoft Does not Backup Office 365 Data

That’s right! If your data resides in office 365, it’s your responsibility to backup that data.

It’s a common misconception that cloud services such as Office 365 don’t need backups. It’s the cloud right? Servers backup to Servers and data centres to data centres. Whilst that is partly true, Microsoft do not take responsibility for your company backups and only provide you with some data retention.

Why You Need to Backup Office 365

Its common sense that all data requires backing up. The misconception is that with cloud services, nothing goes wrong, cloud service provider never suffer downtime and they cover backups. That’s incorrect, backups will provide your business with the lifeline it needs in the below scenarios

  • Ensuring Security from Attacks: Threats like ransomware and phishing schemes pose risks to your data by either compromising it or encrypting it. Having a backup solution means you’ll have copies of your data that can be reinstated in case of an attack.
  • Protecting Against Unintentional Deletion: Mistakes made by individuals are a reason, for losing data. Employees might accidentally remove emails or files. If theres no backup in place it can be extremely difficult to recover these items once they’ve been permanently deleted.
  • Maintaining Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Should a major incident occur, such as server breakdowns or natural calamities having backups allows your business to swiftly recover and resume operations without interruption.
  • Compliance: Numerous sectors have rules regarding data preservation and security. Regular backups guarantee that your business adheres, to requirements and can provide data when necessary.

What Data Needs to be Backed Up in Office 365

  • Email Data: Emails serve as the foundation of business communication. It is vital to back up email data, including inboxes sent items and archive folders to ensure no important communications are lost.
  • Files: Files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint play a role in operations. This includes project documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other essential files.
  • Collaboration Data: As Teams becomes a platform for collaboration backing up chat history shared files and team configurations is crucial for maintaining communication and project management.
  • Contacts and Calenders: Contact lists and calendar events are crucial for nurturing business relationships and organizing schedules. Backing them up ensures business operations.

  • There are many different products that offer backups for Office 365, If you need help discovering more about how we can assist your business, please reach out using the contact information provided below.

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