Shop smart for your business IT needs

Shop smart for your business IT needs

When your business needs new tech, it is tempting to grab the company card and head to your nearest high street retailer or supermarket and pick something up there and then, but grabbing the cheapest laptop will often turn out to be a false economy.

A new hire coming on board, or your current PC letting you down can all be reasons to buy, but it is also important to try to future-proof your IT and protect your infrastructure and data should the worst happen.

You may feel that your IT systems work well now, but it is always worth asking if they can do better, or if they are future-proofed against any impending changes – the last thing you want is your technology letting you down then finding out that parts are no longer available.

Buying new tech can be daunting at the best of times, but when it is an investment in your business it can be even more overwhelming. That is why we offer an IT Procurement service to source you the best equipment for your business needs, at the best possible price.

While buying equipment off the shelf can be a quick fix, its important to remember that high street retailers usually stock lower specification machines, with consumer-grade components, and limited warranties.

We have strong relationships with most major manufacturers and can source laptops, PCs, and peripherals which are available in many more combinations of memory, processors, and graphics depending on your business need – from data entry to graphic design.

Be wary of the warranty

Most computers purchased on the high street will comes with a one- or two-year manufacturer’s warranty, but you will likely be required to return the machine to the place of purchase for it to be sent away for repair – not great when your business depends on it. We offer on-site tech support, meaning that if your equipment fails. We can be there on the same day to try and get you up and running again as quick as possible.

While the high street can get you a Windows laptop quickly, they can’t offer servers and data centres which are the beating heart of your IT infrastructure. If your servers fail, your business can be offline for hours or even days, however by utilising our procurement services you have the benefits of experts at the end of the phone and access to next day parts delivery if required.

Our relationship with manufacturers also means we know the products inside out, so if you need to upgrade, we can offer a range of solutions to increase the capacity of your investment, without needing to buy new machines – saving you both time and money.

Cut the bloat

Bloatware is the annoying, often useless, software preinstalled on most off-the-shelf computers. This is often free trials that will never be activated or unsuitable antivirus programmes.

Business-grade machines only come pre-loaded with the bare minimum of software; however we can also set up and preinstall programmes your business uses most often to allow you to be up and running as quickly as possible when your equipment is delivered.

 To find out more visit our IT procurement webpage, email or call 01779 478064.