Why your Business needs IT Support

Why your Business needs IT Support

Do you own or manage a business that doesn’t employ IT staff? When your computer freezes, emails don’t send or the printer doesn’t work, where do you turn?

Maybe you have a colleague who is seen as the go to person when IT goes wrong? Perhaps your staff spend endless hours searching online to find what they believe is a solution?

Ask yourself, is not seeking professional IT support really saving your business money? Do you know how much IT Support costs against the amount of time you’ve paid your staff to struggle to fix their IT issues?

Here at Tekserv, we do not see IT Support as a cost, it is an investment to ensure your business is efficient! 


Become efficient

The right IT Support Service prevents the majority of issues that unsupported workplaces face on a daily basis. With IT monitoring & preventative maintenance, IT issues can be addressed before they create downtime. Of course, this is not 100% correct in all cases. But rest assured, when you need IT assistance, having a competent, responsive IT Support Service behind you, will ensure your staff are concentrating on the core of your business and not wasting time on tasks that they don’t specialise in. 

Don’t get left behind

Nothing compromises client relationships more than technology that isn’t up to standard. Without IT support, how can you ensure that your business is keeping up to date with industry standards? Is your email system outdated? maybe that email you just sent your to client isn’t readable to them because their fancy new email system doesn’t attempt to read your old technology. Don’t create added work for your clients!

Keep secure 

Is your IT Infrastructure secure? Are you aware of the latest threats and how they exploit systems? With cyber threats increasing daily and GDPR coming into effect from May 25th 2018, it is imperative that you keep yours and your client data safe!

Now ask yourself, do you need IT Support?